Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen

Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen

Kitchen walls and cabinets should be regularly painted. This makes them to look more lively, attractive, warm, and appetizing. Painting the parts of a kitchen also eliminates the dull look on the walls and cabinets which is resulted by smoke and stuffiness during cooking.

What are the Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen?

There are several warm and spicy colors which produces the best look in the kitchen. These colors may be painted as single colors like green, yellow, white, and red. However, mixed colors are more preferred in the kitchen. They include:

1. Paper White

This is a favorite color that is used in the kitchen by many people. It produces the best look for the cabinets and the walls in the kitchen. Paper white complements for different appliances used in the kitchen such as microwave and the refrigerator.

At the same time, it increases the light in the kitchen by creating a reflection from the light sources. Bright light is necessary in the kitchen especially when preparing foods or washing the dishes.

2. Deep Ocean

This color is produced by mixing white and light blue colors. It can be painted everywhere in the kitchen including on the cabinets, walls, shelves, and on the windows. Just like the paper white, the deep ocean can also reflect light from the light sources. This makes the kitchen more appealing and lively.

3. Pale Yellow

Best Colors to Paint Your KitchenThis is among the most common colors which are painted on the cabinets and shelves in the kitchen. Pale yellow color is highly preferred as it resembles the color with various foods. Thus, this instills a warm and appetizing feeling during food preparation.

4. Leaf Green and White

Leaf green can be painted on the cabinets and shelves. On the other hand, white color is applied on the walls. The leaf green color takes the color of several foods such as fruits and vegetables. This increases appetite as well as a healthy interest in eating foods such as vegetables and fruits. The white color on the walls compliments the colors on appliances such as refrigerator while also reflecting light in the kitchen.

5. Cool Gray and Hot Orange

Best Colors to Paint Your KitchenThe cool gray color is applied on the wall while the hot orange color is applied on the walls. These colors are preferred in kitchens with limited spaces. They increase the warm and spicy feeling in the kitchen.

6. Teresa’s Green

This color is a mixture of light grey and light green colors. This color is attractive when painted on the wall and the cabinets. However, you may consider adding black and white colors on the countertops and shelves.

7. Cream Puff

Cream puff is a great choice for a kitchen color scheme. It can be painted everywhere in kitchen including walls, counter tops, shelves, and on the cabinets. Cream puff is cool and warm in the kitchen. It also complements for different appliances and light sources.


There are numerous color schemes that can be applied in the kitchen. As you seek to change the outlook in your kitchen, be sure to select the color that will increase the brightness, warmth, and spiciness in your kitchen. You may also choose amongst the colors that will compliment on the appliances and other materials in the kitchen in order to achieve the best look.