Top Florida Wedding Venues

Top Florida Wedding Venues

Florida is among the best places to host weddings in the world. Many couples enjoy having their wedding done in the beautiful and warm venues in Florida. As an easily accessible and paradise-alike place, Florida makes weddings colorful under all weathers.

What are the Best Venues for Wedding in Florida?

With numerous beach resorts, quant inns, and enormous gardens, Florida can easily meet your wedding requirements. It provides different wedding takes for different couples regarding on their interests. Here are some of the top venues in Florida:

1) Alys Beach in South Walton County

Top Florida Wedding VenuesThe venue has several shell-stone paths and attractive villas. At Caliza, your guest can have dinner while waiting for the big event. The Alys Beach provides the best view of Gulf and also a large area of nature reserve. The Kerry Green area makes a favorable place for wedding. It has 250 seats which can accommodate guests during outdoor events.

2) Boca Raton Resort & Club, a Waldorf Astoria Resort in Boca Raton

This is a favorable event ground and resort which has been selected by many famous and popular people. Its Mizner Center is inspired by the Mediterranean. At the resort, you are welcomed with a colorful and a warm entertainment during the reception. This is suitable for warm and lovely weddings.

3) Bohemian Hotel Celebration in Celebration

Top Florida Wedding VenuesThis is a perfect place for wedding and aftermath events which may even take as much as two or more days. With over 110 rooms in this property, your guests can be comfortably hosted. The area also other attractive features such as nature-walk trails, boutique shops, and restaurants. This makes the venue perfect for wedding purposes.

4) Celebration Hall in Santa Rosa Beach

A beach is always colorful and attractive for wedding events. The Celebration Hall provides a perfect ground for this through offering enough area for many guests and for various events. With its chandeliers and numerous rooms, it can host up to 300 guests. There are well kept gardens with a large grassy area for tent erection and outdoor events.

5) Ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach

Top Florida Wedding VenuesThis is a building that has lasted for almost a millennium. It has a Gothic and also a Monastery Chapel. This place can handle up to100 guests comfortably. With its colorful green and flowered garden, you can enjoy taking pictures and walking around the big house while proceeding with your wedding bash.

6) Epcot’s Living Seas Salon in Orlando

This venue has a Disney Wedding Pavilion. The Living Seas Salon is an open area which is exposed to a sea in which over 6,000 aquatic creatures live. The place can accommodate over 100 guests during a wedding event.

7) Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Lake Buena Vista

It has a chapel-like Wedding Pavilion which attracts many people. Also, its Cinderella Castle has always been a dream among lovers who have been planning for a wedding. There are rooms to host over 300 guests. Also, couples get a wedding website free of charge.


Florida is a favorable place for wedding ceremonies. It has several resorts, beach resorts, castles, wedding pavilions, and grounds at which you can enjoy your wedding. Therefore, with a simple online research about these places, you can go on to make your wedding colorful and full of new experiences.


Ways to Fix Broken Floor and Teary Walls

Ways to Fix Broken Floor and Teary Walls

Placing heavy objects on the floor or walls may end up breaking or destroying them. Also, old floors and walls are usually subject to easy destruction. This makes floor and wall fixing tasks to be common among many home owners.

How can you fix a Broken Floor and Teary Walls?

As a simple replacement task, you may not need to hire a contractor. Instead, you can consider doing it by yourself. However, you need to follow certain guidelines and procedures in order to make the task successful. The following are some guidelines for you:

1. Chisel out the Grout and Adhesive

After breakage and tearing, floors and walls contain grout and adhesive parts. These parts should be removed using chisel. This process is done in the preparation of the replacement of the broken and torn parts.

2. Shape up the Part to be Repaired

Shaping the part to be repaired makes the fixing process easy. This may be done using a chisel and a hammer. You may prefer making shapes such as squares and rectangles on the part to be replaced. This makes the replacement materials to easily fit in the parts being repaired.

3. Set the Replacement Materials

These include sand, ballast, cement, and water. The materials should be of the right quantity to serve the parts to be repaired. Ensure that the materials are from quality dealers in order to prevent a short lifespan after fixation process.

4. Mix the Ingredients to Make Concrete

Ways to Fix Broken Floor and Teary Walls

If you consider conducting the mixing inside the house, you may use a wheelbarrow to hold the materials as you mix them. If you consider doing it from outside, you may do it on the ground before later carrying the mixed concrete to the house. The concrete should be thoroughly mixed in order to ensure that the materials spread out completely.

5. Fill the Concrete in the Part to be Repaired

After preparing the concrete, you may now fill it in the part that you intended to repair. Fill the concrete using the concrete filler. Ensure that the concrete takes the initial level of the floor or the wall.

6. Add Red-oxide or Plaster

Ways to Fix Broken Floor and Teary WallsRed-oxide added with cement should be applied on the floor after replacement. For the walls, you may apply plastering in order to make it smoother. You may use the steel plastering trowel to add the red-oxide and the plaster on the floors and walls respectively.

7. Water Regularly during the Drying Process

Watering the fixed parts of the walls or floor is highly recommended and advisable. It ensures that they dry effectively and completely. At the same time, it helps in unifying the replacement parts with the previous wall. This prevents cases of cracks and collapsing in future.


Fixing broken walls and teary walls is an essential task that brings back the appeal and attractiveness of a home. You should consider applying the previous styles and designs while fixing the broken and teary parts. Also, you may shift to new styles in order to cover up the fixed parts. Preferably, you may install tiles on the walls or on the floor after fixing the work out parts.


BOSTITCH vs. Porter-Cable: Which Is the Best Air Compressor Brand?

BOSTITCH vs. Porter-CableChoosing between Bostitch and Porter-Cable has been a headache among many people. Both Bostitch and porter cable have similar features such as 6-gallon tank and a maximum of 150 PSI capacity.

Also, the two types of air compressors have three nail guns each including the Finish, Brad, and the Stapler. You use them for home and for commercial purposes comfortably. They offer almost the similar services in molding and trim

Which Brand Offers the Best Air Compressor?

Although Bostitch and Porter-Cable air compressor brands are associated with numerous similarities in functioning and in their features, they also have several differences. Through their differences, through comparing these differences one can be able to choose the better brand. Here is a air compressor brand guide for more information:

a) Bostitch Air Compressor Brand

BOSTITCH vs. Porter-CableThe air compressors from this brand come in various sizes and also designs. They also have effective motors which is able to provide enough power to operate the air compressor. Bostitch air compressor can be stored or carried easily since it is portable and light in weight as it comes in 45.1 pounds. The air compressor comes with dimensions of 21.1 inches 19.5 inches 18 inches.

Normally, the Bostitch air compressor comes with a 25 inches hose. With its 78.5 dBA level of operational noise, the Bostitch air compressor can easily operate effectively while maintaining a quiet environment. Its nail guns are better as the compressors provide enough power to them. This makes the compressor more effective even without the cfm.

The stapler nail gun operates without any need to add oil. Therefore, this translates into less maintenance requirements for the air compressor. At the same time, this reduces any risk of having oil stains. With a low fastener indicator, the compressor can easily reload after every complete action of loading air. This increases the efficiency and the compression capacity with the Bostitch air compressor.

b) Porter-cable Air Compressor

BOSTITCH vs. Porter-CableThis brand of air compressor operates at 135-150 PSI compressor capacity. Just like the Bostitch, the Porter-Cable brand comes with a 6-gallon tank which can comfortably carry the compressed air for later usage. With its 15 inches hose, you can easily operate the air compressor from a significant distance. The device also weighs only 30 lbs making it easy to carry it from one place to the other.

Porter-Cable air compressor comes with heavy duty Crown stapler drives. Also, its tool-free jam release makes it possible to remove any nail easily. Therefore, the air compressor can be able to drive numerous nails using a single tank charge. The device can also be fastened using its fasteners in order to increase its capacity for compression. Its ability to operate in 120 voltage unit allows you to operate it within the normal household current.


Bostitch and Porter-Cable air compressors have the same features and capacities. However, the Bostitch brand has an extra long hose measuring 25 inches as compared to the Porter-Cable’s hose which is 15 inches only. Also, Bostitch comes with a 3-year warranty as compared to 1-year warranty associated with Porter-Cable. In their operation, the two brands look to be similar and offering same results. However, Bostitch air compressor offers a better air compressor with its few extra features.