Top 10 Rules for Fine Dining

Top 10 Rules for Fine Dining

Dining together with people who are unfamiliar to you and also in an environment that is new to you may sound tricky and often confusing. You may not know what to do prior, during, and after dining. Therefore, rules for fine dining prove essential in such a moment and they should be your guiding secret.

These rules include:

1) Your Napkin Remains at Your Seat

During dining, you may receive an important phone call that should not be answered at the dining table. In such a circumstance, make sure that you leave your napkin on your seat. Never leave it on the table unless it is properly folded. Also, while eating place it on your lap.

2) The Knives and Folks

Top 10 Rules for Fine DiningIn each table, there is a set of folks and another one with knives to be used during dining. However, if you are unsure on what to do with such cutlery, do not take a lot of food at a time. Also, consider using the cutlery that you are comfortable and familiar with. You may consider eating food that you have ever eaten with the cutlery especially if you are very much uncomfortable.

3) Soup and Pudding Servings

These two servings come in small bowls that are often confusing on usage. Drinking soup from the bowl sounds unacceptable. Also, eating the pudding alone is unacceptable. In such a situation, consider using a folk and a spoon to eat these foods. Also, be sure to mix the foods with dry foods such as soup for rice or meat dishes.

4) Menu Usage

You may be unable to make suitable options even after spending a long time looking at the menu. At such moment, it is advisable to ask the waiter to make recommendations. However, avoid authorizing for food alteration once it is presented on the table. This seems like an insult to the waiter and the chef.

5) Take Your Time

At a table where similar food, which is different to you, is served, do not be hasty to take your food. Always consider taking time in order to familiarize with what others are doing. However, always avoid showcasing your unfamiliarity to the food or dining rules to others especially your workmates or colleagues.

6) Taking Conversations

Top 10 Rules for Fine DiningNever discuss matters such as politics, religion, or sex at the dining table. Also, if you are with your workmates, avoid topics which are out of subject common to them. It is advisable to seat next to your favorite colleague if you consider taking conversations during dining. Too much talking is not advisable at the dining table.

7) Difficult Foods

These include foods such as cheese, some fruits, artichokes, and asparagus among other foods. Such foods are always eaten with different cutlery. You may avoid some of these foods if you are not sure on what to use while eating them.

8) Do not Pull Chair for Someone

Although it seems like an act of kindness, it is not always right to pull chair for a person. Rather, let them pull back their chair. You may pull their chair only to find them take a different seat due to confusion.

9) Do Not Push Away or Re-arrange the Dishes

This is a common habit at home. However, at the a dining table in a restaurant or a hotel, always leave this task for the waiter.

10) Be Kind

Instead of authorizing the waiter or the management officials, consider using kind language while addressing them. Do not over-complain if you observe any mistakes such as delays or wrong services. Use words such as “please” and “thank you” to show appreciation.


Dining rules are important in enabling us to maintain our etiquette during dining. They regularly guide us while we are dining with unfamiliar people at the same table. At the same time, they instruct us on the things to avoid doing while at the dining table.


Top Ten Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

Top Ten Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

A good recipe is a key determinant of the quality of the outcome. The use of the pressure cooker makes it easier and better. The following are the top ten pressure cooker recipes.

1. Colombian Vegetable Soup

The ingredients for this recipe include potatoes, fava beans, carrots, peas and water. The method is simple as it involves putting all ingredients in enough water and cooking at high pressure for 30 minutes. This soup is best served hot.

2. Corn Soup

This is green corn cooked in cob broth. Once the cobs have been boiled to produce the broth, the kernel is cooked in sautéed onion and the broth added and cooked for a period of three minutes. The mixture should then be blended to ensure that it is smooth.

3. Mexican Rice

Top Ten Easy Pressure Cooker RecipesThe ingredients for this meal include rice, which can be either white or brown. Other ingredients are garlic, tomato paste, salt and water. To make this meal, the rice should be cleaned and salted. It should then be sautéed alongside diced onion and garlic. After it has been sautéed, a mixture of the tomato sauce and water. This mixture should then be cooked for 15 minutes under high pressure.

4. Buttered Rice

This dish is best made with long grain white rice. The amount of water should be about one and a half times the amount of rice. The other ingredient is salt which is needed to season the meal. Butter is also an important part of the recipe. The water should be put in the cooker and butter added to it. The next step is to add salt and rice and cook for three minutes.

5. Chicken & Rice

Ingredients include olive oil, mushroom and cheese soups and water. To cook the meal, olive oil should be used to sauté the chicken until it turns brown after which the soups and water should be added and cooked for 15 minutes.

6. Ribs with BBQ Sauce

Top Ten Easy Pressure Cooker RecipesThe main ingredients here are chopped ribs, different types of seasoning and vegetable oil. The ribs should be seasoned as a first step. The next thing is sautéing the ribs in oil and finally adding other ingredients and cooking for 15 minutes at 15-pound pressure.

7. Roast and Potatoes

The ingredients for this dish include trimmed beef steak, salt and pepper, onion and vegetable oil. Other ingredients include tomato paste, beef broth, dried mushrooms and potatoes. Once the meat has been seasoned, it should be browned for ten minutes. After this, other ingredients should be added to the pot after which cooking should continue for 90 minutes.

8. Pumpkin Soup

Its ingredients include chunks of pumpkin, butter, milk, potatoes, onions, bay leaves, apple flesh and curry powder. To cook, the pumpkins, potatoes and onions should be cooked in low heat until they turn brown. Once brown carry powder, pepper and bay leaves should also be added. The soup should be cooked for five minutes and blended.

9. Applesauce

Top Ten Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes Applesauce’s ingredients include 1 kg of apples which have been peeled and cored. Apple cider and honey as well as lemon zest and juice are also needed. Cinnamon and cardamamom are flavors that are a part of the recipe. To cook all the ingredients are put in the cooker and cooked under high pressure and heat for four minutes. This sauce should be taken immediately and the remainder stored in sterilized containers.

10. Mashed Potatoes

Ingredients include peeled potatoes, milk, unsalted batter and water. Others include salt and appropriate seasons. The batter should be melted in the cooker first and potatoes added alongside salt and seasoning. The potatoes should then be cooked in medium pressure and heat for 15 minutes. The potatoes should then be mashed and served.


Closely and correctly following a recipe leads to tastier food. The pressure cooker is safer, faster, and more economical to prepare such recipes.


Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen

Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen

Kitchen walls and cabinets should be regularly painted. This makes them to look more lively, attractive, warm, and appetizing. Painting the parts of a kitchen also eliminates the dull look on the walls and cabinets which is resulted by smoke and stuffiness during cooking.

What are the Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen?

There are several warm and spicy colors which produces the best look in the kitchen. These colors may be painted as single colors like green, yellow, white, and red. However, mixed colors are more preferred in the kitchen. They include:

1. Paper White

This is a favorite color that is used in the kitchen by many people. It produces the best look for the cabinets and the walls in the kitchen. Paper white complements for different appliances used in the kitchen such as microwave and the refrigerator.

At the same time, it increases the light in the kitchen by creating a reflection from the light sources. Bright light is necessary in the kitchen especially when preparing foods or washing the dishes.

2. Deep Ocean

This color is produced by mixing white and light blue colors. It can be painted everywhere in the kitchen including on the cabinets, walls, shelves, and on the windows. Just like the paper white, the deep ocean can also reflect light from the light sources. This makes the kitchen more appealing and lively.

3. Pale Yellow

Best Colors to Paint Your KitchenThis is among the most common colors which are painted on the cabinets and shelves in the kitchen. Pale yellow color is highly preferred as it resembles the color with various foods. Thus, this instills a warm and appetizing feeling during food preparation.

4. Leaf Green and White

Leaf green can be painted on the cabinets and shelves. On the other hand, white color is applied on the walls. The leaf green color takes the color of several foods such as fruits and vegetables. This increases appetite as well as a healthy interest in eating foods such as vegetables and fruits. The white color on the walls compliments the colors on appliances such as refrigerator while also reflecting light in the kitchen.

5. Cool Gray and Hot Orange

Best Colors to Paint Your KitchenThe cool gray color is applied on the wall while the hot orange color is applied on the walls. These colors are preferred in kitchens with limited spaces. They increase the warm and spicy feeling in the kitchen.

6. Teresa’s Green

This color is a mixture of light grey and light green colors. This color is attractive when painted on the wall and the cabinets. However, you may consider adding black and white colors on the countertops and shelves.

7. Cream Puff

Cream puff is a great choice for a kitchen color scheme. It can be painted everywhere in kitchen including walls, counter tops, shelves, and on the cabinets. Cream puff is cool and warm in the kitchen. It also complements for different appliances and light sources.


There are numerous color schemes that can be applied in the kitchen. As you seek to change the outlook in your kitchen, be sure to select the color that will increase the brightness, warmth, and spiciness in your kitchen. You may also choose amongst the colors that will compliment on the appliances and other materials in the kitchen in order to achieve the best look.