How to Create a Welcoming Front Porch

How to Create a Welcoming Front Porch

A front porch is the first sight that welcomes a visitor or any other person coming to your home. It gives the first impression about a home to anyone approaching it. Thus, you should make sure that your front porch is as lively and attractive as possible.

How can you create a Welcoming Front Porch?

Creating a welcoming front porch at your home is an easy task that you can simply take by yourself. There are several rules that apply in the designation of the front part of a home. They include:

1. Increase Lighting

This applies to both the day and the night. Be sure to clear the bushes in your garden. Also, ensure that the garden is not overcrowded by shade trees and flowers. This increases the natural light.

You may also install bright light-bulbs in different places in your garden. This will serve the purpose of increasing the light at night. Bulbs may be installed in every two and a half meters.

2. Add Some Flowers

The front porch of your home looks attractive when planted with flowers. The flowers should be regularly trimmed and tailored to take a uniform look. Also, you may plant a few scented flowers in order to make the area more attractive.

3. Offer a Comfortable Seat under

How to Create a Welcoming Front PorchA seat in the front porch at your home instills a welcoming feel among your visitors. The seat may be a simple form or a compound seat that can handle three people. You may also add a table in front of the seat.

4. Clear the Cobwebs

Normally, we concentrate on the cleanliness in the house interior and forget about the front porch. Thus, spiders are attracted to the exterior parts where they release cobwebs. You may use a broom to remove these cobwebs. By removing them, you will instill a feeling among the visitors that your home is regularly checked and maintained.

5. Install a Rug

A rug in the front porch makes the area feel cozy and attractive. This feel may be intensified especially if your front porch is under a limited space. The rug looks inviting and warm. However, it should be maintained through seeping and washing.

6. Paint Your Door

How to Create a Welcoming Front PorchA brightly colored door increases the attractiveness of your front porch. This also applies to the front porch with a limited space. Painting the door increases on color and the style in the front space of your home.

7. Add a Welcome Sign

A welcome sign is a simple element in your front porch that satisfies the feelings of your visitors once they approach your home. Preferably, you may have an iron plate or a soft wood with the “welcome message” and an improvised stand.

Also, you may stick the plate or wood on your door rather than using the stand. This makes the visitors to feel more satisfied while they visit you.


A front porch is the first representation of your home that is available to anyone visiting it. Therefore, it should be as colorful and attractive as possible. You may invest in specific styles, colors, and designs in creating a welcoming front porch at your home.