Sunset Harbor Yacht Club

Sunset Harbor Yacht Club

Reciprocal Privileges refers to dispensation given to registered members of Yacht Clubs. Members enjoy these benefits upon paying a visit to any of these clubs. However, for the privileges to be granted the general manager must chip in to give the go ahead. Sunset Harbor Yacht happens to be one of these famous clubs.

About Reciprocal Privileges

Sunset Harbor Yacht Club

Sunset Harbor is one of the clubs registered under Yachting Club of America. As stipulated by the cooperation, all these clubs grant their members Reciprocal Privileges. These privileges help in bringing the members together as they act as a motivating factor.

This Club famously known as Sunset Harbor Yacht has got a large number of registered members. Lucky enough, the members are so privileged that they freely enjoy the special amenities of the club fully. In addition, through collaboration with other Yacht Clubs; they access benefits granted to the clubs’ guests. This collaboration was made through an agreement made with Yachting Club based in America.

Therefore, when as a member of Sunset Harbor Yacht happen to be at these other clubs; you get a warm welcome. In order to get to these clubs, you either use a boat or a car. Immediately upon your arrival, you are awarded a free night’s dockage during the first night. However, before you pay a visit to any of the Yacht Clubs, as a member there is a protocol you must follow. Therefore you must alert the membership-Director who in return grants you an introduction letter.

The letter contains your details which must be presented before reception at the club. One of the details is good standing membership, followed by Reciprocal ID card which must be current. These details are those that you provided to the Yachting Club of America during registration.

Moreover, for identification purposes you should carry with you your membership card. This is your personal card that you use at the sunset Harbor Yacht Club. Additionally all these Clubs have their own flags each with a logo.

These flags are triangular-shaped and they are referred as Burgees. Therefore, after getting to any other Yacht Club, you conduct a tradition called Burgee-Exchange. This tradition is very much valued by all the members of these clubs.

To show loyalty, you carry your flag to the club you are visiting and leave it behind. In return, you are given that other club’s flag which you take to Sunset Harbor Yacht Club. Back at Sunset Harbor there are many different Burgees from other clubs Kept at the Reflections Lounge.

However, the fleets of boats that are owned by the various clubs are exempted from Reciprocal Privileges. Any member wishing to either sail or participate in racing is mandated to seek for permission from that club. The permission is granted depending on the decision of the person in charge.

Essentially, some of the privileges you may want to enjoy are restricted, and not included in reciprocal privileges. For instance, reciprocal privileges allow members to visit other Yacht clubs once a year. Otherwise, if you show interest to frequently visit a certain Club; you must first acquire that club’s membership.