Top 10 Rules for Fine Dining

Top 10 Rules for Fine Dining

Dining together with people who are unfamiliar to you and also in an environment that is new to you may sound tricky and often confusing. You may not know what to do prior, during, and after dining. Therefore, rules for fine dining prove essential in such a moment and they should be your guiding secret.

These rules include:

1) Your Napkin Remains at Your Seat

During dining, you may receive an important phone call that should not be answered at the dining table. In such a circumstance, make sure that you leave your napkin on your seat. Never leave it on the table unless it is properly folded. Also, while eating place it on your lap.

2) The Knives and Folks

Top 10 Rules for Fine DiningIn each table, there is a set of folks and another one with knives to be used during dining. However, if you are unsure on what to do with such cutlery, do not take a lot of food at a time. Also, consider using the cutlery that you are comfortable and familiar with. You may consider eating food that you have ever eaten with the cutlery especially if you are very much uncomfortable.

3) Soup and Pudding Servings

These two servings come in small bowls that are often confusing on usage. Drinking soup from the bowl sounds unacceptable. Also, eating the pudding alone is unacceptable. In such a situation, consider using a folk and a spoon to eat these foods. Also, be sure to mix the foods with dry foods such as soup for rice or meat dishes.

4) Menu Usage

You may be unable to make suitable options even after spending a long time looking at the menu. At such moment, it is advisable to ask the waiter to make recommendations. However, avoid authorizing for food alteration once it is presented on the table. This seems like an insult to the waiter and the chef.

5) Take Your Time

At a table where similar food, which is different to you, is served, do not be hasty to take your food. Always consider taking time in order to familiarize with what others are doing. However, always avoid showcasing your unfamiliarity to the food or dining rules to others especially your workmates or colleagues.

6) Taking Conversations

Top 10 Rules for Fine DiningNever discuss matters such as politics, religion, or sex at the dining table. Also, if you are with your workmates, avoid topics which are out of subject common to them. It is advisable to seat next to your favorite colleague if you consider taking conversations during dining. Too much talking is not advisable at the dining table.

7) Difficult Foods

These include foods such as cheese, some fruits, artichokes, and asparagus among other foods. Such foods are always eaten with different cutlery. You may avoid some of these foods if you are not sure on what to use while eating them.

8) Do not Pull Chair for Someone

Although it seems like an act of kindness, it is not always right to pull chair for a person. Rather, let them pull back their chair. You may pull their chair only to find them take a different seat due to confusion.

9) Do Not Push Away or Re-arrange the Dishes

This is a common habit at home. However, at the a dining table in a restaurant or a hotel, always leave this task for the waiter.

10) Be Kind

Instead of authorizing the waiter or the management officials, consider using kind language while addressing them. Do not over-complain if you observe any mistakes such as delays or wrong services. Use words such as “please” and “thank you” to show appreciation.


Dining rules are important in enabling us to maintain our etiquette during dining. They regularly guide us while we are dining with unfamiliar people at the same table. At the same time, they instruct us on the things to avoid doing while at the dining table.