Top Ten Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

Top Ten Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

A good recipe is a key determinant of the quality of the outcome. The use of the pressure cooker makes it easier and better. The following are the top ten pressure cooker recipes.

1. Colombian Vegetable Soup

The ingredients for this recipe include potatoes, fava beans, carrots, peas and water. The method is simple as it involves putting all ingredients in enough water and cooking at high pressure for 30 minutes. This soup is best served hot.

2. Corn Soup

This is green corn cooked in cob broth. Once the cobs have been boiled to produce the broth, the kernel is cooked in sautéed onion and the broth added and cooked for a period of three minutes. The mixture should then be blended to ensure that it is smooth.

3. Mexican Rice

Top Ten Easy Pressure Cooker RecipesThe ingredients for this meal include rice, which can be either white or brown. Other ingredients are garlic, tomato paste, salt and water. To make this meal, the rice should be cleaned and salted. It should then be sautéed alongside diced onion and garlic. After it has been sautéed, a mixture of the tomato sauce and water. This mixture should then be cooked for 15 minutes under high pressure.

4. Buttered Rice

This dish is best made with long grain white rice. The amount of water should be about one and a half times the amount of rice. The other ingredient is salt which is needed to season the meal. Butter is also an important part of the recipe. The water should be put in the cooker and butter added to it. The next step is to add salt and rice and cook for three minutes.

5. Chicken & Rice

Ingredients include olive oil, mushroom and cheese soups and water. To cook the meal, olive oil should be used to sauté the chicken until it turns brown after which the soups and water should be added and cooked for 15 minutes.

6. Ribs with BBQ Sauce

Top Ten Easy Pressure Cooker RecipesThe main ingredients here are chopped ribs, different types of seasoning and vegetable oil. The ribs should be seasoned as a first step. The next thing is sautéing the ribs in oil and finally adding other ingredients and cooking for 15 minutes at 15-pound pressure.

7. Roast and Potatoes

The ingredients for this dish include trimmed beef steak, salt and pepper, onion and vegetable oil. Other ingredients include tomato paste, beef broth, dried mushrooms and potatoes. Once the meat has been seasoned, it should be browned for ten minutes. After this, other ingredients should be added to the pot after which cooking should continue for 90 minutes.

8. Pumpkin Soup

Its ingredients include chunks of pumpkin, butter, milk, potatoes, onions, bay leaves, apple flesh and curry powder. To cook, the pumpkins, potatoes and onions should be cooked in low heat until they turn brown. Once brown carry powder, pepper and bay leaves should also be added. The soup should be cooked for five minutes and blended.

9. Applesauce

Top Ten Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes Applesauce’s ingredients include 1 kg of apples which have been peeled and cored. Apple cider and honey as well as lemon zest and juice are also needed. Cinnamon and cardamamom are flavors that are a part of the recipe. To cook all the ingredients are put in the cooker and cooked under high pressure and heat for four minutes. This sauce should be taken immediately and the remainder stored in sterilized containers.

10. Mashed Potatoes

Ingredients include peeled potatoes, milk, unsalted batter and water. Others include salt and appropriate seasons. The batter should be melted in the cooker first and potatoes added alongside salt and seasoning. The potatoes should then be cooked in medium pressure and heat for 15 minutes. The potatoes should then be mashed and served.


Closely and correctly following a recipe leads to tastier food. The pressure cooker is safer, faster, and more economical to prepare such recipes.