How to Use Massage Chair at Home Effectively?

How to Use Massage Chair at Home Effectively

A massage chair is an effective device which helps you to relief from your body especially after a long day with tiring chores. It is effective in solving common problems associated with feet, legs, thighs, buttocks, back, hands, limbs, and even the head.

How can you use Massage Chair Effectively at Home?

A massage chair eliminates the hassles involved while scheduling with spa, therapists, or even at the gym. However, you may find the chair ineffective if you do know the basics in how you should use it effectively at home. Here are some guidelines:

1) Consider Your Regular Body Problems

If you have regular pains and aches back aches, shoulder pains, headache, or neck restlessness, a massage chair can effectively help you to deal with this problem. About 3-4 sessions of massage on the chair per every week are enough to regularly solve this. Through the finger-like nodes from the chair, painful feelings can be easily dealt with.

2) Ensure the Chair Reaches your Entire Body

This is always a challenge especially among shorter and taller people. However, the massage chairs which are currently in the market have the ability to stretch or fold and increase or decrease in size in order to accommodate every body size. Therefore, you should be conversant with the controls in a massage chair in order to make it effective. If you have legs and feet ache or headache, you should ascertain that the chair reaches all your body parts.

How to Use Massage Chair at Home Effectively3) Gauge Your Body according to its Feel

At times, it is difficult to determine when you should use a massage chair. However, this should be determined by the feel of your body. Preferably, you should consider using the massage chair when the response from your body organs is responsible for changing your behavior patterns.

For instance, when you experience headache, intense stress, unable to bend due to back pain, or intensified anxiety, you should consider using the massage chair to relieve all these tensions and pains. This retrieves the body to its initial and fresh feel.

4) Sit Comfortably on the Chair and Don’t Turn Controls Off

How to Use Massage Chair at Home EffectivelySome individuals tend to be disturbed by the vibration and finger-like nodes that are produced by the massage chairs during the massage process. However, these actions are responsible for changing the feel in your body.

Thus, you should comfortably sit on the chairs and let the massager actions take control of your body. However, avoid massage pads that provide too intense massage. If you want a soft motion, to soothe muscles and relieve the pain, you may change the pads.

5) Check the Massage Chair Cushion

Do not sit on the bare vibrating cushion which is often placed below the chair cushion that should be sat on. This will make the vibrating and nodding effect too intense and even uncomfortable. Place the chair cushion on top of the vibrating cushion and sit on it before turning on the controls.


Massage chairs are highly recommended in relieving pain, stress, and anxiety from the body. At times, massage chairs eliminate the sick-feeling associated with the body especially after different tiring involvements such as sports and hunting or after sitting in the workplace for too long.